• Effortless Eating

    Making the right choices without sacrifice

  • Fast Fitness

    Exercising anywhere, anytime

  • Real Recovery

    Resting to rejuvenate

  • Flawless Focus

    Being present when it counts


Effortless Eating

Making the right choices without sacrifice

How vital are you?

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With over 23 years of experience, V2 is the country’s premiere consulting firm specializing in vitality education and coaching programs for breakthrough performance. We leverage our proven Simple ChangesTM methodology to improve individual and team velocity and vitality. We have helped more than 45,000 individuals lead healthier lives, working with clients in a variety of industries including health care, manufacturing, consumer goods, executive staffing/search, and technology. V2 is rated as the number #1 health coaching service by The Wall Street Journal and is a recognized expert for publications and media sources including Business Week, the New York Times, Smart Money, and nbcnews.com.